Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Earl Grey White Chocolate

Rating: ****
Nickname: "Gee, darling, is this Darjeeling?" infused Earl Grey, teasingly.

Cathy had a tea party picnic for her birthday a week or so ago, so I thought a new sort of tea ice cream would be appropriate for that. I made it using the same method as Chai version 2, with the change that I used 5 or 6 Earl Grey teabags in place of the chai spices.

The white chocolate idea came from an Eat Me Delicious muffin recipe that Cheryl found a while ago (and has been using as inspiration for a variety of different muffins). I simply added in 3/4 c. of white chocolate chips when the ice cream was almost done.

I like Earl Grey tea well enough, but I like the ice cream version of it far more. Since this and the Chai recipe both work so well, I should think of other tea flavors to try the same way. Any suggestions?

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