Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spicy Chocolate

Rating: ****
Ben's chocolate recipe from Ben & Jerry's ice cream book, page 44.
Generous dash of cinnamon.
Nearly half a jar of McCormick's Mexican chili powder.
Note: Tastes much spicier once frozen, so don't over do it.
Cut spicy in half next time, maybe try straight cayenne pepper.

I also wrote about this in another post: Chocolate That Makes You Pay Attention:
One of the first things I learned about ice cream from Antonia was that you have to mix it up sweeter than you think because you taste the sweetness less once it's frozen. And the first thing I learned from this experiment was that this rule does not apparently apply to spiciness.

I started off with just tiny pinches of chili powder in the chocolate mix (from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Book) but could hardly taste it. So I kept adding more... and more... and more.... And maybe somewhere in here we also got some sort of adaption factor to make me taste it less, which would only complicate things. Anyway, I finally decided it would probably be okay, so I went ahead and put it all in the ice cream machine. And once it was frozen it was hot! This is not ice cream to eat lightly. I'd probably halve the chili powder if I were to make this again. If I had measured it in the first place.

Good, though!

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